Our Object ­ The Trust shall work in the field of Human Rights. It shall work towards curbing atrocities against Human Beings in India by anyone. It shall take suo moto cognizance of matters relating to Human Rights Violations and shall report the matter to the concerned departments of Central Government and State Government. It shall take the help and support of Army, Police, and Investigating Agencies to provide relief. It shall also approach appropriate courts to punish the wrongdoers (both government officials and private persons) and provide justice to the victims. It shall also strive towards working against corrupt and heartless government officials with the help and support of Central Government, State Government and Judicial System.

Aims & Objectives

The Kendriya Manavadhikar Seva Sangathan Forum’s vision

The Kendriya Manavadhikar Seva Sangathan is the network of national non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on equality and human rights. Our vision is a society where we all have the chance to flourish and fulfil our potential; where our human rights and dignity are valued; and where we can be ourselves, free from discrimination, violence and abuse.

We believe that we all should have

  • An equal chance to flourish, fulfil our potential, and contribute to society.
  • An equal say so we have control over our own lives, are valued for who we are, and are treated with respect.
  • Equal freedom to live without discrimination, violence and abuse.

KMASS uses our strength as a national network of influential organisations working across all areas of equality and human rights. Together we can make a reality of equality, human rights and social justice in people’s lives.

Our charitable aims are:

  • To lift the public from the curses poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease by starting and carrying out concentrated and intensive programmes
  • To promote understanding of and support for human rights.
  • To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of voluntary sector organisations working in the areas of equality and human rights.

To advance these aims, KMASS has developed a strategy with three main goals:

  1. To work for ensuring that basic human rights are respected everywhere.
  2. To lift the public from the curses poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease by starting and carrying out concentrated and intensive programmes.
  1. To take-up awareness camps on health & family welfare, HIV & AIDS Control programmes and conduct eye camps and health camps.
  1. Strengthen the capacity of civil society.

Board Members

Mr. Sandeep Gautam

National President

Mr. Shalin Hingoo

National Vice President

Dr. Ashish Parmal

National  General Secretary

Mr. Dinesh R. Gupta

National Secretary

Mr. Sanjay Gupta

National Deputy Secretary

Mrs. Urmila V. Gupta

National Women Secretary

Mr. Gulnaz R Shaikh

National Women Deputy Secretary

Mr. Jay Singh

National Treasurer

Mr. Mohd Sonu

U.P Secretary

Mr. Rutul Kulkarni

National Counselor

Mr. Jayesh Chandekar

National Vice Secretary

Dr. Jitendra Gupta

National Vice Treasurer